A Colorful Trip to Monet's Garden


There’s nothing like Claude Monet’s paintings to get you inspired and start taking photos. Monet’s Garden is actually the place where I really started to get into Lomography. The scenery here is just so lovely that it makes you want to keep on taking photos, just to capture every beautiful sight!

One of the first places where I tested my Lomo cameras and rediscovered my fondness for analogue photography was Monet’s Garden. This charming location is located in a city called Vernon, it is about an hour away (by train) from Paris and is a cozy little town with friendly people. If you’re thinking about going here, no need to make a fuss as all you need to do is go to the St. Lazare train station and take the next train to Vernon, it really is that simple.:)

Since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to go there and see for myself the place which is responsible for so many beautiful paintings. The best time to go here is actually during the fall; while I wasn’t able to time my visit around that season, this lush garden is still a sight to behold – absolutely breathtaking! The only flowers that weren’t in bloom were the lilies. Of course, do remember that for obvious reasons, the garden is closed during wintertime.

It really is a great place to start shooting from the hip as you’re surrounded by all the bright colors, some plants you’ve probably never seen before, and flowers of different shapes and sizes.

On our visit, we spent about an hour and a half exploring Monet’s house and garden. And in case you still have some free time before your train ride back to Paris, don’t worry, make the most of your time here and take a walk around the city. There are actually some pretty amazing things there like a Cathedral which dates back to the 1500s!

So if you’re into the outdoors, you’re looking for a place to get inspired – and have lots of fun taking photos with your Lomo camera, then I highly recommend Monet’s Garden for your next Lomo Location.

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    I've found a place that looks alike Monet pond.. bit.ly/fwaCy6

  2. ulap
    ulap ·

    such a beautiful place!!

  3. cocottebleue
    cocottebleue ·

    beautiful colors !! congrats

  4. maymosciaro
    maymosciaro ·


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