Konica C35 EF3, Chic Camera


Meet the vain camera!

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My father is a fan of film photos, and although not an expert, he was the official photographer at our family gatherings. One day he asked if I wanted something. So he opened the drawer and there was this camera. It was dressed in red and just screaming for me to use it. So I asked him the history of this beauty and at the same time that I borrowed it. He agreed, so I ran to the refrigerator and took a reel that suited the camera.

Credits: maya_newman

The Konica C35 is a camera that is VERY simple to use. It has a ring on the lens that allows focusing based on a scale of meters, one by foot and one with those icons or pictograms usually seen on film cameras. It uses 2 AA batteries for the flash (built-in). Since it does not shoot without batteries, I thought it might be automatic, but apparently the speeds vary little. Anyway, it was released in 1981, and this camera was purchased 24 years ago.

Using it is a pleasure, and draws much attention because of its color. I 100% recommend this camera to any fans who love to manipulate photos while still have surprising results!

written by kutshie on 2011-03-02 #gear #chile #35mm #review #lomography #compact #agfa-ct-precisa #x-pro #film-camera #user-review
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  1. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    Love that camera. I've been looking for its cousin, the Pop, for a while.

  2. itsdebraanne
    itsdebraanne ·

    your pictures are sweet!. i've got the Konica C35 EF. and it's just as amazing. (:

  3. sonicandknuckles
    sonicandknuckles ·

    nice photos, rad camera. Any ideas on where to get one??

  4. itsdebraanne
    itsdebraanne ·

    omg that pic with the bus in the reflection...how did you get that?? did you stand in the middle of the road or stick your hand outside the window? amaZing.

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