Cheers to the Analogue Rookie


My first encounter with the Actionsampler has been a sequence of random results … But fun!

About a week ago I decided to enter the world of Lomography. The “toys” caught my attention since I have heard so much about them. One afternoon I stopped by the store in Barcelona and decided to start with a sequential kind of a thing, an Actionsampler.

The last time I loaded a reel in a camera was when there were only analog cameras. Once in place and having looked at some examples of photographs in sequences, I started to ‘play’ with my camera. I was so used to digital that I was a little scared not being able to see what the photos looked like right after you press the button.

Previously I had read about the large amount of light the camera needs to take good photos, so I waited to start with a sunny day of swimming. I started shooting and I was hooked so before I knew it, the spool was over.

Just the next day I took the film to reveal that fear I guess we are all afraid of that if the photos are overexposed, or will they be too dark. But nothing was like that! The joy that I had to see those more than 36 photos into squares and the colors were enormous. I think the Actionsampler is perfect for moving images, portraits, small details, and has high contrast.

After seeing the great success I had, I will be back soon with the camera and my hands full of great reels just ready for countless days of Lomographic fun.

written by fafascinado on 2011-03-03 #gear #summer #review #portrait #color #contrast #lomography #actionsampler #multi-lens #beginner #film-camera #novice #user-review
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  1. fafascinado
    fafascinado ·

    thanks for translating my article!!!!
    but... my favorite photo has been deleted and replaced for a actionsampler image :(

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