Little Diana Stuff Case


A little useful personalized case..

So, this is no trick or anything like that, I was just looking for a case or something to put on my frames, films or negatives when I go around with my camera, so i run into this mini discs case and i thought it was a good idea to use it.. as it was a hard case and it wasn’t too big.

Then I thought it looked kinda dull… so i just personalized it a little bit with the whole Diana theme, and this is the result..

Sorry for the low quality of the pics, I recently lost my my phone with the nice camera on it…lol

So this is just an idea that i had and wanted to share with you guys, and i thought it’d be nice to see more self made cases or stuff like that.

So see you guys soon!

written by cyberaids on 2011-05-13 #gear #tutorials #diy #box #paint #tipster #decoration #diana-f #case #d-i-y


  1. willyboy
    willyboy ·

    So what? Did you paint it or something? More info!

  2. gelibee
    gelibee ·

    @willyboy I think she painted it :)
    Nice idea @cyberaids! :)

  3. cyberaids
    cyberaids ·

    i did paint it with acrylics! (:

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