Lomography Caterpillar: Make Your Own at Home!


Well, maybe you saw – or were even lucky enough to take part in – the London LGS’s mind-blowing Lomo Caterpillar event in October!
Well, if you weren’t able to be there in person, never fear! We’re going to show you how to make your own personal caterpillar event!

Now, those techno-wizards down at the London LGS were able to combine their shots with 8mm footage and make an actual stop-motion video! We’re going to show you how to make something a little less high-tech but by now means less awesome! That’s right; your very own ‘Lomography Caterpillar FlipBook’

There were 20 of those keen London Lomographers in the original Lomo Caterpillar (see here), but you can use as many or as few friends as you like!
Now load up your camera of choice with your favourite film and prepare to shoot. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Get everyone in a line and remember, it doesn’t have to be straight! Take a shot, then tell the person at the back of the line to move to the front. Snap! Keep repeating until you run out of film. Now when you’ve got all your pictures printed, staple or fasten them on one side and start flicking through them. it will look as though the whole line is magically moving along! Now, that’s just the beginning!
  • Get your friends to make a circle and jump or dance around. Now, with your camera in hand, circle them and take shots as you go around. Make your Caterpillar flip-book as before. When you flip through you’ll see your friends jumping in motion – in true Matrix style.
  • Point your camera at the floor and as you walk around, keep snapping your feet. When you put the prints together and flip through – it will be your very own moving recreation of your journey!
  • Get your friends to stand in a circle, with you in the very middle. Now turn around to face each friend in sequence, snapping a shot of them when you go. When you make the prints into a sequence and flip through them, you’ll get a great little effect!

These are just very simple ideas, something to get those creative juices flowing! We want to hear and see your ideas. So get to work Lomographers! Or maybe you have the technical know-how to put together your own stop-motion videos – if you do, we would love to see the results!

Over and Out X

written by devoncaulfield on 2010-11-18 #gear #tutorials #tipster #lomography-caterpillar-flip-book-tipster-tutorial-friends-art-fun-quick


  1. falsedigital
    falsedigital ·

    I just thought of an idea based on this. It's called the Ghetto Panorama!
    Have all your friends stand in a circle facing outward with your backs as close to each other as possible. Make sure everyone is shooting with a 28mm lens. Then count to 5 and snap the picture. You can then place the photos side by side later on and you'll have a 360 panorama! hahaha

  2. devoncaulfield
    devoncaulfield ·

    @falsedigital Yeah, I like it! Might be interesting to see what it would look like if each camera had a different type of film loaded!

  3. gnetiew
    gnetiew ·

    yea.. cool and at the same time have someone operate a spinner in the middle!!

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