Heimspiel Festival 2010 in Stuttgart

Die Fantastischen Vier, one of the most famous bands in Germany, celebrated their 20th birthday with a show called Heimspiel. Last year, the Heimspiel festival was held at the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart which is expected to now become an annual affair.

Die Fantastischen Vier were the headliners for the 2010 concert, wherein they presented their new record “Für Dich immer noch Fanta Sie”. Some of the other bands that performed at the event were Ich & Ich, Milow, Philipp Poisel, and Johannes Oerding.

I was able to get an accreditation to take pictures for an online music magazine and I decided to take my new Lomographic toy, the Lomography Spinner 360° with me, for sure! First, I took a crane to have an overview of the Cannstatter Wasen.

Then we saw some bands, ate some pizza, had fun with friends and pulling the Spinner’s cord!

There were like 15,000 visitors at the Heimspiel Festival 2010 where most of the people were simply waiting for the main act, Die Fantastischen Vier! In the Phototrench in front of the stage, I tried to take some Spinner pictures as well, although I knew that there wasn’t that much light anymore. I used a roll of ISO 400 film and the cloudy setting, and took some pretty good pictures.

Die Fantastischen VIer on stage in front of 15,000 people.


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