It's A Nice Day For A Royal Wedding Rumble!


We here at Lomography love a wedding, and a royal wedding is guaranteed to bring us to tears. The United Kingdom’s most spiffing young monarch, Prince William, has announced his engagement to Kate Middleton. In celebration of this most proper news we’d like to see all your wedding photos. Pip pip!

Congratulations to the happy couple in Lonur's pictures!

Having met the Queen at her 50,000 acre estate in Scotland Kate Middleton has finally got her Prince. The couple are due to marry in London next year, and we are waiting eagerly for our invitation!

In the meantime, we’d like to see all your best wedding photos, big hats, bigger cakes, bad dancing and embarrassing stag parties, we want the lot!
Two winners will be crowned the King and Queen of LomoLand, winning ten piggies each, and five bridesmaids will each get a wedding present of 5 piggies.

This rumble is now closed, you can see the winning shots here

written by littlemisslove on 2010-11-16 #news #competition #rumble #wedding #royal #london #uk


  1. johnccc
    johnccc ·

    Done !

  2. kylethefrench
    kylethefrench ·

    I'm more into that hot ginger prince, the one who dressed up as a nazi that time, sexi sexi---not the nazi stuff but you know, as I recall his father the ginger horse trainer was a piece during his time, that was sure an upgrade for his mom, but I digress and would like to say good job with the timely rumble, so fun and awesome

  3. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    Now I am having all the time this Billy idol song in my head ^_^

  4. littlemisslove
    littlemisslove ·

    what, this one?

  5. littlemisslove
    littlemisslove ·

    That's what Prince Harry would play at his wedding! (he's that naughty ginger one)

  6. mochilis
  7. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    It's a...nice day to... staaaaaaart agaiiin!!! ♫♬♪

  8. niko_fuzzy
    niko_fuzzy ·

    black & white on wedding makes classic pictures.

  9. atreyuthechild
    atreyuthechild ·

    Filby has the best wedding photos - hands down.

  10. freezedudul
    freezedudul ·

    i don't have any wedding photos yet, maybe i could try to be a wedding photographer :D good luck to everyone :)

  11. filby
    filby ·

    @atreyuthechild thanks for the kind word, I tore my hair out trying to pick ten!

  12. welland
    welland ·

    Submitted :)

  13. juliouz
    juliouz ·

    wedding with lomo cameras is a wonderful atmosphere for every body

  14. snug
    snug ·

    The wedding shots we took of our own wedding were not great.. (its not easy to photo your own wedding!) but we've put a few into the competition - good luck everyone!

  15. basketboy676
    basketboy676 ·

    Ahhh - I've just missed that rumble. But I've a nice shot (one of my first diana+ shots) from our mayor's wedding a few months ago... :-)…

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