The Tips

When it comes to the Canary Islands, you may be surprised to find that El Hierro, one of the most remote and smallest islands there is also one of the friendliest places in this location. Situated at the northwest side of the coast and with just 300 inhabitants, “The Tips” of El Hierro played an important role in the economy and development of the island, which had a small pier built in 1884 – on a rocky outcrop from where they started agricultural production throughout the region.

You have to understand that the coast of El Hierro is abrupt, except for a few places with accessible beaches and pier. This is where you can see the obvious differences that it has with other coastal towns especially in those days.

Today, the pier is practically abandoned, but in its place now stands the world’s smallest hotel, the “Little Hotel Punta Grande”, which is 600 square feet and only has four bedrooms. From the pier, you can enjoy extraordinary views of the sea by walking through the Roques de Salmor and Tibajate Special Nature Reserve.

One sight that you might find amazing here is when the sea is very calm, the rocks of the coast make for a solid sea wall and with its roaring onslaught, it is gradually eroding, offering an amazing spectacle of foam, water and salt. Without a doubt, this is a place that’s worth a visit.

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translated by gnarlyleech

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