The Monastery of Santa Maria de Moreruela, Zamora


About 45km north of Zamora are the ruins of one of the most powerful medieval Spanish Cistercian monasteries, the Monastery of Santa Maria de Moreruela. Walking through the silent ruins is like being instantly transported back to the thirteenth century.

The Monastery of Santa Maria de Moreruela is within the Moreruela Farm and was one of the most powerful and influential monasteries of the Cistercian Order in the thirteenth century. Its foundation is dated around 1133.
Its downfall began after the confiscation of 1835. Currently, the only parts of the monastery that have been preserved are the header and the nave, the Chapter House, and some smaller units around what used to be the cloister.

The ruins exude a sense of peace and quiet, which is characteristic of the Cistercian Order. The header has maintained its original austere decor while the Chapter House will impress you with its four columns and minimum crude lighting.

To get there, it is best to pass by the Cistercian Interpretation Centre first. It’s on the outskirts of Moreruela Farm, where you can get information about the monastery and warn the guard so that you will be able to open the doors of the monastery.

So if you’re planning a short getaway to Tierra de Campos, don’t forget to experience the Middle Ages through the Cistercian monastery.

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