Carrión International Regatta

Velilla del Río Carrión is a municipality in the province of Palencia. Every 15th of August the locals hold a grand event in honor of Our Lady of Arenas and San Roque. It is considered to be the biggest event of the year with cucañas and canoes. It is definitely a grand celebration that is eagerly anticipated by the locals.

Velilla del Río Carrión is located at the mountain gates of Palencia – in addition to the cold, the middle of August actually showcases wonderful landscapes. But if there’s a reason to return to this town each year, it is definitely the parties. Last year, we celebrated the International Descent of the River XLVII Carrión and is undoubtedly the biggest event of all the annual celebrations. Each year, people flock over to the river with their loved ones, family, and friends to continue the race and just chat about who is missing and who is not, and of course (and perhaps more traditional) eat bags and bags of pipes.

This year about 300 sailors participated. The contest was for the last Jorge Alonso Palencia, accompanied by Albert Corominas in the category of K-2. After a tight sprint against the Argentine and South African participants, the women’s victory went to the local heroine Mara Santos, who has always won at home and is now part of the tradition.

Since then, Velilla del Río Carrión is a hit at parties, where good food, with the famous sausages of Cornón, the sport – with his racing, and the gorgeous scenery come together to offer a good weekend experience.

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