Parque María Luisa - Sevilla


A beautiful park in the middle of Seville, Parque Maria Luisa, is a charming city location that makes for an instant sanctuary for those who want a break from busy city life. Whether you choose to check it out during the springtime or in the summer, you’re bound to have a wonderful experience.

Maria Luisa Park is the main public park in Seville, it opened in 1914. Along with the Plaza of Spain and the construction of the World Expo 1929, this park is a must-see for all visitors who are coming to this city for the first time and even for those who actually live here as it is an ideal place for spending an evening with family or friends.

While springtime is the best season to see all the flowers in bloom, my favorite season is actually fall, because everything is covered with leaves and there’s such a special atmosphere during fall that is best characterized by the rich colors of the surroundings matched with the chilly weather – something that I find very fun to watch.

If you want, you can go for a ride or just hang out in some of the carriages that go around the city then get off at Maria Luisa Park. From the park you can start exploring – by foot; beautiful fountains, birds, sculptures, alls sorts of places that you will surely love. Among the important places that I recommend is the Gustavo Adolfo Becquer Glora as well as the pro course which adjoins two museums, namely, the Arts and Traditions and the Archaeological Museum. There’s also the famous Plaza America where you will find a significant number of white doves that are waiting to be fed by visitors.

For more information on the park as well as the other activities available there, you can visit:

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  1. kvboyle
    kvboyle ·

    I liked it in Spanish, I still like it in English - the photos are wonderful!!

  2. latella
    latella ·

    We basically Live in Sevilla, we try to go out there a couple times a month, just to get away from Rota. Parque María Luisa is really pretty!

  3. nina_ska
    nina_ska ·

    thanks @Kyboyle!!!!!!
    @latella if you live in Sevilla check this group in flickr! Quizás ya lo conoces ;)

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