The Brooklyn Bridge, New York


One of the most well-known sites in the Big Apple, it is actually one of the “must-sees” in my New York itinerary. During my visit, I was staying in one of the boroughs in Brooklyn and this popular landmark served as my link to the fast-paced city of Manhattan.

One of the places that I listed down in my Moleskin when I was starting to plan for my New York excursion was the Brooklyn Bridge. This bridge links the boroughs of Brooklyn – where I was staying, to Manhattan. It’s amazing how so many pictures and even movies were inspired by this place through the years.

To get here from Brooklyn, we got to the nearest metro station, which is Clark, then we walked a few blocks ’til we got to Brooklyn Park. This then took us right to the great bridge.

We crossed the bridge towards Manhattan at 30ºC. The bridge was divided into two tracks, one for pedestrians and the other, for cyclists. It was awesome to see the huge structure – with the bridge’s arches and the steel cables that held it. Right in the middle you can find the story of how the bridge was constructed in 1883. From the bridge, you can enjoy the sight of the skyscrapers of Manhattan as if you were in one of those Hollywood movies set in New York. Aside from a great view of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge also crosses the East River, which gives you a good look of the famed, Statue of Liberty.

Brooklyn Bridge is definitely a place that is not to be missed if you’re headed to New York City.

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