Cedeira, a Coastal Town in Galicia


While I was thinking of doing my first article, I thought, ‘you better do one on a location where you have been going on vacation for 22 years!’. Now that I’m immersed in this world of Lomography, the best way I can express and teach you all about our family’s favorite vacation spot is still through pictures!

Our family’s tradition of vacationing in Cedeira began about 50 years ago with my parents. Since then, our whole family has made it a habit to spend a few days vacationing here during the summer.

As a coastal town, the best time to come here is between June and September. Here you will find charming landscapes that are full of vitality; the beauty of nature is all around, fog, and even Europe’s highest cliff, a beach of more than 1km long, recreational areas, and two ports as it is a fishing village. But now you can also see yachts and sailboats of some people who come to spend a few days in this town.

It is the perfect place to be with family and spend a few relaxing days enjoying the scenery with a clean beach and fine sand. The village is also a place where you cannot miss out on those typical Galician restaurants and taverns where the food is simply exquisite and is served in generous quantities (only suitable for people who eat too much! hahaha).

Remember, something not to be missed in the Galician coast is the province of A Coruña which is only 50 minutes away from the capital. Sun, beach, good food, family, and some amazing sunsets, what more could you want?

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