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別再猶豫了,快來瀏覽我們的 網上商店 ,你會找到林林總總配合你預算的Lomography 禮品!趕快細閱以下詳情,是時候跟世人分享你對 analogue 節日的愛-趁著這個機會,在你的親友圈子中傳揚你對 Lomography 的熱愛吧!

Step into our online shop now, you will find that there’s a nice Lomography gift to suit your budget. Check out the line up, it’s time to share some analogue Holiday love – take this opportunity to spread your love of Lomography among your circle!

300 HKD / 40 USD 或以下
h4. Up to 40 USD / 300 HKD

600 HKD / 75 USD 或以下
h4. Up to 75 USD / 600 HKD

1200 HKD / 150 USD 或以下
h4. Up to 150 USD / 1200 HKD

2500 HKD / 320 USD 或以下
Up to and Over 2500 HKD / 320 USD

h4. Go all out!

written by edwinchau on 2010-11-16 #news #holiday #hong-kong #xmas #gift #asia #hk

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