Dubai: Love and Luxury?

Discover another side of Dubai that goes beyond the usual towering hotels and malls. While tourists often head out here to enjoy the various worldly luxuries that this popular city has developed throughout recent years, walking along the Dubai Creek will give you a better sense of how everyday life here is like for many of the locals.

We’ve all heard of Dubai, we know of its wealth, luxuries, and whims that border on excess and that they can demonstrate it in the streets packed with 5 and 7-star hotels, skyscrapers, including the world’s tallest tower, shopping centers, great houses, cars with plates of gold and micro worlds created on the sea.
A fantastic city in the middle of nowhere, a magical world, a theme park for adults where everything seems to be love and luxury, but there is another Dubai, a parallel world where poverty is on the agenda.

Discover another side of Dubai through my photos of the Dubai Creek where the city skyline is simply an unattainable mirage for the vast majority of its inhabitants.

written by horaciorv on 2010-01-01 #places #analog #luxury #dubai #nikon #creek #love #location #personal-history
translated by gnarlyleech

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