Baby Steps 'Til Complete Addiction

After being converted to digital, it took me a while to reconect with analogue. But after it started…

About one year ago a German boy arrived at my boyfriend’s house. And despite many cultural differences and communication problems there was one bizarre thing: he still used FILMS to photograph!
“Come on, you might have the best digitals, with affordable prices back home! Why Film?”
And he answered: “because it’s more fun, the colors are better, etc.”

A few weeks later my boyfriend bought an analogue camera and decided that in our trip to Europe he was going to practice a “comeback” to analogue. Once again, there was I, “Come on… buy a digital…” And he had the same arguments of this German friend.

About six monthes later someone wakes me up with the Lomography Online Shop on their laptop telling me that once again my next trip to Europe was gonna be shot by those cameras. But now, I was more open to the idea and decided that I had to get some of those fun cameras for my self!

Some forgotten cameras were re discovered in my house, like a Russia LOMO LC-A and a Holga CFN 120. Who would know they were so popular? To those I added: 1 ActionSampler, 1 Fisheye #1, 1 Fisheye #2 and a SuperSampler!! And there’s still much more to come!!

Thanks to Lomo I now go out to take pictures, think about the best light, the right ISO … Things that had long ago left my life!

written by maymosciaro on 2011-02-22 #brazil #lifestyle #analogue #europe #lomography #supersampler #actionsampler #fisheye-1 #fisheye-2

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