Fisheye with Explosive Colors


An accessory that can be used with the Fisheye 2 is the Colorpslash Flash!

In 2007 I won a contest that was organized by the embassy in Chile and received the Fisheye 2.

I was very happy and I tried out all its functions. I love the Fisheye for its simplicity, functions, and its entertaining multiple exposure. At that time, I still don’t have a Colorsplash Flash. But a friend had lent me his LC-A with its flash. So I tried it right away and started mixing the results with the Fisheye 2 with Flash.

This is mixed with multiple exposures or long exposures yielded wonderful explosion of colors. The photos I took were very simple, yet very entertaining. After the first roll with this mixture and because I had to return the LC-A and the Flash, I bought my own Colorsplash.

Putting that matter aside, one of the best films for this combination is the Kodak Prolmage.

So go find your duo color explosion in Lomography!

written by iaki on 2011-02-27 #gear #review #accessories #35mm-camera #colorsplash #flash #lomography #fisheye #user-review
translated by mightymouse


  1. iaki
    iaki ·

    thanks for translate =)

  2. 10626093
    10626093 ·

    hey i just got my fisheye 2 and i'm new to lomo. i was just wondering whether i should get the colorsplash flash or the ring flash? thanks!

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