The Best Birthday Present: My Fisheye 2


I sometimes get tired of talking about photos to my partner. Sometimes I feel guilty to harp so much on the same topic until it has reached the point that I just share this hobby of mine with someone (although he does not complain until I have already taken about 20 photos … XD is the guy I like to photograph, I can not help it).

A day at the beach with him, playing with my Supersampler, strangely I could only take a couple of photos when the camera started to act all weird. Since the film already had a fantastic time, I thought that it was already exhausted and when I finished the film, I found myself faced with the cruel truth: My Supersampler was broken.

I will not say the pain that I have because it was my 1 st camera and it had accompanied me in all my travels. It is my favorite little camera.

A month ago it was my birthday and I did not expect to receive anything for this day. But when I arrived at work, there was a package that had my name on it. As I shook the squarish box and removed the wrapper, I gazed upon the Lomography wrap. My nerves would not let me think clearly as I quickly opened the rest.

Before me is the world’s most beautiful camera: My own Fisheye 2! How many times I dreamed of having it! And he knew!

When I called him, he told me that if I wanted a different camera or another package (like the waterproof case…). But I did not want anything else. Although now thinking about it, I should have said “yes” to XD. I just wanted to open it, put the film in and take pictures of everything.

I’ve used a color negative and slide film.

The following photo is of my friends and class-mates. I did not want anyone to be caught off guard when I took this photo..

Obviously, in my city, Cádiz, there are plenty of places with fun people …

And also on the road to Málaga…

My favorite of the two reels is the rain … I love the rain …

I look forward to reveal the reel that I have taken with this camera… What nerve!

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  1. willyboy
    willyboy ·

    This is the only article I've ever read where the line "playing with my supersampler at the beach" is, actually, fairly innocent.

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