An Analogue Winter with Russian Gems!


We are happy to give you a dose of warmth in the winter! From Russia with love, these precious Russian cameras will give you a remarkable analogue experience! Even better news: when you buy any of these Russian gems with film, you get 15% off the emulsions!

An Analogue Winter with Russian Gems!

Just as Winter is kicking in, it’s time to pick the right companion to go through the season with you. The sturdy and reliable Russian tough guys have survived the extreme weather of Russia, endured years of hardship, and finally arrived to our Online Shop for you! Traveling to Egypt or Alaska this winter? Take one of these Analogue buddies which can produce amazing photos even in the worst weather you can imagine!

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Horizon Perfekt
Horizon Perfekt is famous for its mechanical precision and the swing lens, which is capable of bringing you breathtaking 120° panoramic photos! Best suited to capture grandiose landscapes, or enlarge enclosed interior spaces. Take one of these with you – everyone will be amazed!
Get yourself a Horizon Perfekt!

Horizon Kompakt
The Horizon Kompakt is the little brother of the Perfekt, it takes the same incredible 120° panoramic photos but with a much more simplified operation. Best suited for those who “don’t think, just shoot!”
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Lomo 135BC
The Lomo 135 BC is probably the quirkiest camera in our line-up with its unique operation. How so? It takes Half-Frame photos like the Diana Mini, with a little twist: an auto rewinding system powered by a clockwork mechanism operates in a completely analogue fashion! Each winding saves enough power to advance EIGHT shots. Looking for something different? This is for you!
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Zenit 11 Refurbished
A Russian Hero from the 80’s, symbolizing the futuristic vision and technology of the time. This is a wild beast to be tamed by the equally wilder.
Want a Zenit 11 Ref? Walk this way!

Zenit E Refurbished
A symbol of the 60’s revolutionary and technological vision, equipped with the built-in selenium light meter, and various lenses designed specifically for this camera which you can still find in one of those hidden camera stores in the back alley. The variety will never tire you!
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Lomo Smena 8M
The famous Lomo Smena 8m takes great photos – the lens is produced by the legendary optics expert Lomo PLC! Its plastic camera body makes it an affordable alternative to the Lomo LC-A+. It’s a classic!
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15% Off Film with Purchase of Russian Cameras!

When you place a combined purchase of a Russian camera with film, you are entitled to a 15% off the films – discount automatically applied upon checkout! Valid until 18.11.2010.

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  1. zoezo
    zoezo ·

    i love my Zenit E!

  2. iaki
    iaki ·

    I got my Horizon Perfekt and two Lomography x-pro chrome!
    Thanks for this!!!

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