Spend an Analogue Winter with the Russian Gems!




Take one of these Analogue baddies which can produce amazing photos even in the worst weather you can imagine!

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Credits: jogintas

Horizon Perfekt

無論你想拍下廣闊的壯麗的風景照、和你的朋友們來張 120º 的大合照;外型穩重、機械設計精密的 Horizon ,都能以其由左至右搖鏡的拍攝方法都紀錄下,其與別不同的拍攝方法,想必會讓你的被攝者目瞪口呆!

Horizon Perfekt is famous for its mechanical precision and the swing lens which produces breathtaking 120° panoramic photos, best suited to capture grandiose landscape or enlarge enclosed interior spaces. Take one of these with you and amaze everybody around you!

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Horizon Kompakt

和 Horizon Perfekt 一樣擁有 120º 寬闊視野的 Horizon Kompakt,拍攝效果一樣出色,操作模式卻簡化不少,特別為 Don’t think, just shoot! 的你度身訂做。

The Horizon Kompakt is the little brother of the Perfekt, it takes the same incredible 120° panoramic photos but with a much more simplified operation. Best suited for those who “don’t think, just shoot!”

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Lomo 135 BC / M Camera Refurbished

身為135 相機的 Lomo 135 BC,外表奇特之餘,操作方法一樣與別不同:以機械彈簧驅動、每次上鍵,便可無斷續拍出 8 張照片而無需上片。最是適合厭倦了傳統拍攝方法的你。

The Lomo 135 BC is probably the quirkiest of the quirkiest cameras in our collection with its unique operation. The auto rewinding system powered by a clockwork mechanism which operates in a completely analogue fashion. Each winding saves enough power to advance 8 shots. Looking for something different? This is for you!

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== Zenit 11 Refurbished==

生產於 80 年代的英雄,充份標誌著當時努力追趕科技的決心和熱情;特別適合外型粗獷狂野如 Zenit 11 Refurbished 的你。

A Russian Hero from the 80’s, symbolizing the futuristic vision and technology of the time. This is a wild beast to be tamed by the equally wildr.


Zenit E Refurbished

想感受 60 以開創新科技、帶領未來的革命精神,可不能錯過能以內置的硒光表自動測光、能裝配眾多不同鏡頭,可玩性大增。

A symbol of the 60’s revolutionary and technological vision, equipped with the built-in selenium light meter, and various lenses designed specifically for this camera which you can still find in one of those hidden camera stores in the back alley. The variety will never tire you!

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Lomo Smena 8M

名氣響亮的 Lomo Smena 8M 有的,是和 Lomo LC-A+ 同出一脈的優良血統 — Lomo PLC 工廠生產鏡頭。塑膠機身也成本大大降低,價錢當然更平易近人。

The famous Lomo Smena 8M takes great photos with the lens also produced by the now legendary Lomo PLC. Its plastic camera body means Lomo Smena 8M is an affordable alternative to the Lomo LC-A+.

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Credits: graefin

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  1. tattso
    tattso ·

    I want to get my hands on the Lomo 135BC soon...one of the weirdest cameras I've seen.

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