The Rough West Coast of Fuerteventura

It’s hot and everybody’s already sweaty, our feet hurt and in the background, there’s a monotonous clicking sound. Where exactly are we?!

From the calming Costa Calma, we were on our way to its exact opposite, the steep and wild West Coast.
To get there, we had to go through a steep path littered with thorny bushes and rocks. In spite of the seemingly unpleasant location, I had my lovely Diana Mini with me to document the experience.

After one hour, we were finally at the West Coast. Although what we found were mostly cliffs and we actually didn’t know if it’s safe to swim there, we soon realized that it’s not much of a problem as you can enjoy a swim at the small, untouched beaches that you will get to discover over the little paths.

On our way down to the beach we caught sight of a lot of unusual objects. Possibly due to the wind, sand, and water, the rocks have been turned into abstract sculptures. The ground was also unusual – it sort of reminded me of Swiss cheese as it has a lot of holes; I can’t even imagine how it ended up like that.

But we were there to enjoy the beach! So we grabbed our swimsuits and made our way to the water. Although, I do advise you to be careful; don’t swim too far away because the undercurrent at this beach is very strong! It might be fun at first but it’s not worth risking your life. The waves here are more than 3m high and if the weather’s bad, it can reach up to more than 8m high, I’m not kidding!

Not everybody may be able to visit this lomo location but if you are on a holiday at Costa Calma, you may want to consider going to the West Coast. You can go there by foot and in spite of its rough surroundings, I still consider this a beautiful place – a bit wild and out of the ordinary.

written by brommi on 2010-11-20 #places #spain #location #beach #diana-mini #travel-tips
translated by brommi

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