Agfa APX


A great film with high definition and nice range of tones

I never use black and white films, I like the colors and saturation with x-pro but I like to know new films and a couple of years ago I tried the Agfa APX 35mm 100. Almost all the time I use Kodak Film for black and white, but this was a opportunity for something new. I love the Agfa CT-Precisa, but this was very different….

Its definition is one of the best that I’ve tried, even compared to color negative. There isn´t any visible grain and It has a great range of tones. The film has high contrast, its blacks are strong and white very soft. The details looks perfect with it. I made these pictures with my Canon AE-1, in normal ISO settings (not pushed) and the definition obtained was practically perfect.

Unfortunately I’ve never had an Agfa APX in my hands again. But it´s only because I don´y buy much black and white film, but it´s easy to find and it´s very cheap. Indeed, Agfa APX has been a monochrome film that I really liked to use, but I have yet to try its abilities when push-processed and when I have one again I will certainly do it by myself!

written by iaki on 2010-11-24 #gear #film #agfa #review #apx #b-w #black_and_white #user-review #requested-review


  1. niko_fuzzy
    niko_fuzzy ·

    alternate black & white of rollei retro. my favorite. :)

  2. nicolas_noir
    nicolas_noir ·

    Wonderful shots! Great contrast, almost infra red! Did you use any filters? I've only used APX400 and it was much less contrasty, all midtones, but I'd not know if that's to do with camera/development/scanner choices :-S

    But indeed Agfa APX is now Rollei Retro or Agfa Silverscale.

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