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Who would have thought that a dormant love for Lomography would be resurrected by a photo “civilian?” This is the story of how my great friend—who knows nothing about cameras—unknowingly brought back my enthusiasm.

Much like the silly Elvis glasses he wears in this picture (and very frequently in his “real” life), my really great friend Jerome has a silly, bright, unforgettable sense of humor and adventure. It’s these qualities that re-united me with my trusty Holga for the first time in about two years.

Now that I think of it, this Holga “reunion” was more of an introduction! I had shot half a roll of film and then misplaced the camera when I moved. When I found it, it started collecting dust…until Jerome stepped in. The day I shot this portrait, he suggested (on a whim) that we finally use that “funny” little camera of mine. I brought along my “funny” 120 film and a bag full of “funny” Holga filters. Jerome brought the adventure.

We drove all over town. Parks, lakes, crowded highways, old drive-in burger places. Places I had never been! It was great!

I knew he wouldn’t complain about me snapping away all day, so it was a wonderful excursion. He was completely intrigued by the Prism filters (used to take this particular picture), and when he saw the full results of our photographic journey, it was better than Christmas for both of us! I guess he had been curiously awaiting the photos just as much as me. Good thing we got some fun shots! Now Jerome is my go-to photoshoot buddy. He’s not very interested in taking his own pictures, but he loves to see the results. I thank him for encouraging the lomographer in me…and for giving me an ActionSampler for my birthday! Let the adventures continue!

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