They Died for All Free Men!

Singapore’s Kranji War Memorial is located at the northern part of the island nation. It honors the Allied soldiers who perished while gallantly defending Singapore against the Japanese Invasion of 1942 during the second world war.

Kranji War Memorial is set on a small hilltop not far from the Kranji Turf Club. In the highly urbanised city state of Singapore, this location is peaceful, quaint and serene, offering visitors a sense of inner peace.

The Memorial comprises of the War Graves, the Memorial Walls, the State Cemetery, and the Military Graves and is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. As one walks up the steps leading to the manicured lawns and the marked graves, one will be greeted by the sight of the main Memorial structure that is situated on top of the hillock.

This structure represents the three branches of the military – the Air Force, Army and the Navy. The columns represent the Army, which marches in columns; the cover over the columns is shaped after the wings of a plane, representing the Air Force; and the shape at the top resembles the periscope of a submarine, representing the Navy.

On the memorial wall, these words are inscribed: “They Died For All Free Men”

These words never fail to remind me of the ultimate sacrifice made by the brave men and women of the Allied nations so that others can live their life free from fear and oppression. May they rest in peace.

Kranji War Memorial
Kranji War Cemetary

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