Fuji Sensia Xpro - Life In Pink

La Vie en Rose is not just a movie, it’s what happens when you cross-process Fuji Sensia.

Fuji Sensia 100 ISO film is a professional line of Fuji. As 100 ISO does not leave much grain and the contrast is quite natural without saturating the photographs. But the most captivating thing is that it is a fantastic film when cross processed. I paint the world pink. Whether you love or hate it.

Keep in mind that if you request digital copies of your negative, the laboratory can scan the high contrast than a regular scanner can not, so it is best to let them scan the negative for you.

This film is not yet extinct, but who knows how much longer it will be around. For now you can find it the shop online.

As a recommendation, push this film by 3 stops.

Here are some photos using the technique of pushing from 100 to 800 ISO.

And go get some Sensia film!!!

written by iaki on 2011-02-24 #gear #pink #film #35mm #review #sensia #slide-film #iso100 #lomography #fuji #xpro #user-review
translated by mightymouse

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