The Charm of the Tiny Japanese Olympus PEN EES-2


A small and full of charm tiny Japanese camera that offer economy using half frame pictures, useful in automatic mode and can be used in manual trims for fun in a tiny and good care construction.

Sorry sir, but we believe that your camera is having some problems. We also asked to our support if the problem wasn’t in our lab. It is making double pictures in a single frame. And it is stepping a half frame.

With this words the technical people of my revelation film developing lab had the first touch with my Olympus PEN.

Small and full of charm, the Olympus PEN is a Japanese camera from the 1960´s that takes pictures in a half frame with 5 × 15 ratio aspect.

It is so small, you can put it in your pocket, like a pen!

With controls for distance and diaphragm aperture, it can be a little camera that allows a lot of configuration depending within the scene and the available light.

On the other hand, it has an automatic mode that the aperture is selected in according to the light. And it makes this without cells. The electricity to work comes from photovoltaic around the lens that looks like a masterpiece in madreperola.

In automatic mode, it doesn’t allow sub-exposed pictures, but always you can forget this mode and try more personal trim.

This camera was very popular in Brazil and everybody has some history to tell about it.

A friend of mine told me that the first time that he went to Rio de Janeiro, he borrowed an Olympus Pen from a friend. Arriving on the hotel, he got so astonished with the beauty of the city that he forgot the camera on the taxi. He had to buy another one to replace it.

Now a days you can find good Olympus Pen in Internet auction or old sales with nice prices. You need to take some care with the photometer, it must be working fine and to have long life and it must be covered inside a protective camera case.

All you have to do is to load a 36- pictures film on it and start shooting until 80, and see how cool the Siamese twin pictures can be.

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  1. wyodan
    wyodan ·

    I have this very same PEN model, as well as another that has zone-focus. My EES-2 unfortunately died after I used it for several years. The shutter's ruined, now it's just on display for looks. It was fun while it lasted though, I shot dozens of rolls with it. Back then (the early to mid 90s) labs were still set up for the half-frame format. Some labs made nice 4x6 prints too. Probably pretty hard to find a lab that'll handle them now, but they 2 frames together are fun to see.

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