It's a Girl!

It’s a girl and her name is Diana F+ Edelweiss!! Her dad knew that she would be the best christmas present ever and you know what? He totally nailed it! My baby girl got almost one year old and I’m a proud little mama who likes to show off her kid! And what a kid that is!!

With her white looks she had me from hello and from then on we got annoyingly inseparable. She is young but she has already seen tons of things, swam with me and her dad, has traveled abroad and has fallen about 20 times but she still looks great with her scratches.

As you might realized it all happened on a cold crisp Christmas night a year ago. Ahh that night …little did I know that it would change all the future events of my life, all the vacations and every cheerful or sad occasion.

My boyfriend as another seahorse (I’m not crazy, you’ll see my point in a second) ‘’gave birth’’ to our little Diana F+. The pregnancy lasted a few weeks as he had ordered our analogue daughter a bit earlier from Christmas so he had to keep her a little while in her bassinet aka box! This was going to be our first exchange of Christmas presents so it had be unique. He knew that she would be the best Christmas present ever and you know what? He totally nailed it! The new member of the family had a shiny white colour as a mountain blossom of an edelweiss. With her white cult looks she had me from hello and since that very first moment we got annoyingly inseparable.

From the he next morning I started reading some tips for new Lomo mothers. At first it was all Greek to me: Aperture, light leaks, ISO, cross processing etc. Thank God taking care of her wardrobe was not that difficult and expensive: just a bit of taping with white duct tape to match her skin and to keep her safe from sunlight.

Being a parent is not always easy my fellow lomoparents. Feeding my daughter with proper nutricious babyfood aka film has been quite tricky. Sometimes black and white food made her sick probably because it had expired a long time ago but her all time favourite is the occasional redscale snack.

Since she started walking she loves hanging around with her parents but what she really adores is a walk at the farmers’ market. Maybe it’s because of the smells and the vibrant colours of the fruits but the truth is that she is such a narcissist and she is dying for some attention.

Lately our little kiddo gets dizzy and spins around winking a couple of times. Some other times she stands still without blinking for hours.The doctor said that we should not worry at all and mentioned that these are symptoms of 2 common deseases:double exposure and long exposure.

Parenting is a lifechanging experience and especially when your kid is plastic and utterly cool. I am being as objective as a mother can be!!

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