That Agfa APX Film Triples!

I had a roll of Agfa APX that stuns your camera in 100 iso. What did we (me, cinzinc and elindudut) do?

We tried having that splitzered triples. It was decided around May 2010 and we finished the whole project in just two months. They spared some films while I spared my Agfa APX that was lying around my film stash. I used it in every position as possible.

What surprises me is that when the film got developed, there is this dark chocolate sepia tone. “Wow!” I said to myself. Never had seen such a black and white film giving a color hue like this. The last time I used this film was I got some black and white with vintage feel.

So what is special about this film? Well, for me, since it royals a traditional processing, then it is special. Aside from that, it has a 100 iso. Too lazy to shoot indoors? Go out under the sun and use this film. Remember the sunny 16 rules, okay? Also, it is Agfa. The ever beloved Agfa CT Precisa (also Lomography XPRO 100) has been the creme de la creme of all films!

Check out the photos yourself. I really dig the chocolate sepia tone here!

written by ethermoon on 2010-11-18 #gear #review #triples #agfa-apx #ethermoon #cinzinc #elindudut #user-review

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