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World War II is over – let´s kiss! To commemorate the iconic “kissing” photograph at Times Square, two statues – an American Marine and a nurse have been put up in one of New York City’s busiest locations, Times Square. It marks an important part of history that has changed so many lives.

Many years ago, Alfred Eisenstaedt took the famous photo of an American Marine kissing a nurse who were celebrating the end of World War II.

Photo: Alfred Eisenstaedt

The couple was at Times Square, one of the most amazing and most well-known tourist spots in New York City. But apart from that popular “kissing scene”, Times Square has continuously been a favorite venue to take photos and even shoot movies, making it a must-visit for those who are going to New York City. It is also the location of the famous New Year’s Eve countdown.

Last June, Edith Shain – the famous nurse, passed away at the age of 91. She will always be remembered for that timeless photograph that has already become part of history and pop culture. To commemorate the iconic photograph, two giant statues – a nurse and an American Marine have been erected at Times Square last August. Amidst the blinding lights of the countless neon signs and billboards and the chaotic streets filled with people, there now stands a reminder of a moment in history that will never be forgotten.

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  1. jaded-amore
    jaded-amore ·

    I saw this statue years ago Sarasota when i was visiting friends, this article has reminded me Ill have to dig out the photos i took of it with a disposable camera :)

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