Wuzhizhou Islet

You cannot talk about Wuzhizhou Islet without talking about Sanya; and you cannot talk about Sanya without talking about Hainan Province.

You cannot talk about Wuzhizhou Islet without talking about Sanya; and you cannot talk about Sanya without talking about Hainan Province.

So, first, a glimpse of Hainan Province. Like an exquisite green gem in the blue South China Sea, Hainan Island was proclaimed a province of China only in 1988. However, with its gorgeous tropical natural splendors, this young island province has quickly become one of the most popular destinations in China today, especially in winter, when Siberian cold currents sweep across the country from north to south, bringing freezing weather to most of its territories.

Now, it’s time for a glance of Sanya. Situated on the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, Sanya is often associated by many Chinese with the idea of the end of the world. As China’s holiday capital, Sanya boasts clear blue waters and white sand beaches along its south edge, lush green mountains to the north and palm trees just about everywhere. Its many and colorful indigenous peoples and cultures are another highlight for tourists to explore. The staging of the Miss World beauty pageant and the New Silk Road Model Contest Finals in Sanya in recent years simply adds a new and fashionable dimension to the city’s fame.

Finally, let’s embrace Wuzhizhou Islet. With an area of only 1.48 square kilometers, the islet is 30 kilometers away from the centre of Sanya City and 38 kilometers away from the airport. Small as it is, Wuzhizhou Islet is one of the places you cannot afford to miss in Sanya area.

To reach this heavenly islet, you will first need to take a bus or a taxi (taxi is highly recommended for its cheapness and convenience) from the city to the seaside pier and then change to take a sightseeing yacht. Taking the yacht can be an exciting experience if you like playing surfing since the ocean waves can pull you up and down.

Wuzhizhou Islet is most reputed as a mini paradise for water sports. You can basically do everything here, from swimming to fishing, from yachting to canoeing, from motorcycling to diving (in its various forms), from playing beach volleyball to dragging parachute, etc. Or if you don’t like any of above (which I seriously doubt will be the case), you can just lie on the beach and relax! Believe me you will be tanned within an hour!

Along with the developing economy of this region, Sanya has become much easier for visitors to reach where domestic and international flights can take you in the shortest time. A flight from Beijing to Sanya takes around 4 hours. A journey by train and ship will take you a little more time but give you more opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty around you. With good quality, star-rated hotels and reasonable hostels distributed everywhere in Sanya and waiting for you, there is no need to worry about accommodation.

If you haven’t decided where to go for your next trip, Wuzhizhou Islet deserves your serious consideration!

For more information about the islet, please visit: http://www.wuzhizhou.com/en/

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