My ActionSampler with 800 ISO


The world is full of perfect pairs: strawberries and chocolate, tequila and lemon, summer and the sea, and for me, my ActionSampler and a spool of 800 iso.

I discovered the ActionSampler camera by chance, about 3 or 4 years. I found it online before I even knew what Lomography was. So I think I have a special affection, because after seeing the result of my first reel: I wanted to know more and more of Lomography!

What became clear to me from the beginning is that the ActionSampler loves sun! It loves things likes the beach, pool, friends, the evening, and everywhere there is light!

So the best reel that goes with it is certainly one with an 800 ISO. And that’s what I’m going to talk about.

Reels with a high iso are great to be able to capture plenty of light in dark, more than 100 or 200 ISO.

For this type of camera, fast film is the best way to achieve optimal results. It’s also better if we take our camera and find the sun to shoot.

Usually the reels with a quick iso are used for rainy days or in low light, but the results of this camera clearly teach us that a high ISO is much better.

Just so you know, take your ActionSampler, plug in an 800 ISO reel, and take it out to capture the sunny days that you find! And if it’s the winter, which is scarce these days, use a spool of 1600 iso and tell us what you see.

written by libelulasyyo on 2011-02-16 #gear #summer #review #light #steak #800 #lomography #actionsampler #iso #bright-colors #film-photography #user-review
translated by mightymouse

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    In the UK it's still pissing down.

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