Requested Location: Wall Street - The Heart of Business

The true heart of business coupled with a little history. A place known the world over, Wall Street even served as the inspiration for Michael Douglas’ hit movie – and its sequel, as well as various books, songs, and TV shows. Here are some photographs taken during an afternoon stroll that I took in this famous location.

Wall Street is a little street in New York City, more specifically, in the Lower Manhattan area, between Broadway and the East River. It´s considered the heart of the Financial District. Just a little observation, it’s actually very interesting to go to Wall Street during the afternoon. Why? Well, I just find the sight of businessmen – looking all serious and tired quite amusing.

While walking around the area, we chanced upon the Federal Hall National Memorial, which is located on 26 Wall Street. It was built on the site of the old Federal Hall in 1842 as the New York Customs House. It is being operated by the National Park Service as a museum which commemorates the historic events that happened there.

Another interesting place that can be found in Wall Street is Trinity Church. For me, it serves as a great backdrop for this famous location wherein you get to mix business with religious history in a way that only New York City can do. If you’re planning to go to New York City, make sure to include a visit to Wall Street part of your itinerary.

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