Klick, Klick, Klick Away !!!


I was very lucky to qualify for free Klick Max 24 film rolls in one of my recent purchases from the Lomography Shop (thanks LSI!!!) and was utterly blown away by the lomo-ness of this emulsion!

I must admit I did not expect much from this film. To me, it was just another 200 ISO colour negative film. Yaaaaawn… Been there, done that. And one with 24 exposures per roll… Wait, 24 exp.? Ideal for my precious new Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim, I thought. I don’t want anything over 24 exp. in that because of my (unfounded?) fear the film advance could wear out quickly. Normally, for the legendary VUWS 400 ISO film is recommended because of f/11. But I thought of this film as truly expendable, it was not too cloudy, so I thought, if the film is ANY good, it must prove it under adverse circumstances!
And, so, I klicked, and klicked, and klicked…

And OMG!!!!11oneoneeleven was I blown away when I got the prints back! This film has such great exposure latitude, it worked like a charm in my VUWS and produced sharp, brilliant, Lomographic images worthy of long ballads and poetic praise! I was really taken aback, I surely did not expect this from an unknown film with no renown! It was one of the most wonderful surprises of the year. Hey, wait a minute. No, don’t go buy all the rolls left, hey, no! Leave some for me too!!

written by cyan-shine on 2010-11-21 #gear #film #review #colour-negative #awesome #user-review


  1. cyan-shine
    cyan-shine ·

    And I even got 26 shots out of the 24 exp. roll xD ^^ This film rocks!

  2. nicolas_noir
    nicolas_noir ·

    I've got some of this. I've not rushed to use it. I imagine it is some Kodak/Fuji/Agfa stock that has been rebranded. I might put it through a 1/2 frame camera, as 48 is more managable than 72 to shoot and scan!

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