Welcome the Community Newcomers - October!


Are you curious to see who amongst the new blood are getting comfy in their respective Lomographic seats? We’re featuring October’s top ten newcomers to the community, who’ve been commenting, liking and shooting up a storm! Let’s give them a proper welcome, shall we?


Every day, more and more individuals are converted to our Lomogrpahic way of life. They may be new, but they definitely share the same zeal we have in making analogue art. We have here 10 of the most active newcomers in the community, all of whom have absolutely gorgeous photos! Better watch out for these guys as they’re burning hot!

Let’s all give a big Lomographic welcome to our newcomers for October! Group hug everybody!

Credits: hburgess
Credits: erinwoodgatesphotography
Credits: toropyzhka
Credits: kawee
Credits: dakadev_pui
Credits: pepper-b
Credits: wulf

written by cruzron on 2010-11-09 #news #october #community #welcome #newbie #newcomer


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  1. disdis
    disdis ·

    nice gallery! Really newcomers but as I can see, experienced lomographers?

  2. iaki
    iaki ·


  3. atreyuthechild
    atreyuthechild ·

    I'm pretty new... but my photos are nowhere near as good as that.

  4. a_lion
    a_lion ·

    I love the house photo- like something from a fairytale!

  5. dakadev_pui
    dakadev_pui ·

    Thank you thank you

  6. pan_dre
    pan_dre ·

    amazing shots!

  7. metzgor
    metzgor ·

    G R E A T!!! nice gallery and congrats to the 10 lucky s

  8. pepper-b
    pepper-b ·

    Thank you all!! I'm truly honoured and a bit surprised as well. Let's shoot some more film!! Best regards to all of you :)

  9. pepper-b
    pepper-b ·

    Thank you all!! I'm truly honoured and a bit surprised as well. Let's shoot some more film!! Best regards to all of you :)

  10. erinwoodgatesphotography
    erinwoodgatesphotography ·

    Thank you so much for including me! i'm loving the community here and can't wait to join in more collaborations and try new things!

  11. i_am_four-eyes
    i_am_four-eyes ·

    Great gallery ! Cheers to all : )

  12. kokakoo
    kokakoo ·


    ยินดีกับคนไทยทั้ง 3 คนด้วยครับ...

  13. kawee
    kawee ·

    thank you

  14. mikahsupageek
    mikahsupageek ·

    great photos ! well done new comers =)

  15. kristianj
    kristianj ·

    whooh! I dident see this until now! how amazing! thank you!!

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