UK Lomographic Lives no. 2: Coldkennels


Here in the UK we have some awesome community members, who are always involved, always excited, and always sharing their Lomographic Lives with us! So, to acknowledge their brilliance we asked them to share a little more about themselves.
Introducing Coldkennels!

Vital Statistics…

Name: Tony Gale a.k.a. coldkennels
Where I Live: Falmouth, Cornwall
Age: 22
Dayjob: I’m a full-time University student (in theory) but I pay the bills by working in a guitar shop.

Favourite Picture:

Choosing one photo out of thousands is bound to be tough, and I’m fairly certain that tomorrow I’d probably choose a different photo. But I love this for so many reasons; I love the composition, I love the fact the launderette owner’s in the background, and I love the fact it was shot with a TLR; 6×6 medium-format shots take some beating, in my eyes.

How long I’ve been a Lomographer:
Just over a year now; my girlfriend convinced me to pick up a Diana Mini in a bundle with her Diana F+ in October 2009.

Favourite Camera/Film/Accessory Combination:
Depends on the day and what I’m likely to be shooting, but I normally favour my Lubitel 2 and Smena 8M, carrying them both pretty much wherever I go, and tend to use E6-processed Velvia or Provia on sunny days, Elitechrome for cross-processing, or Fuji Professional 800 when the light’s not going to be great. Recently, though, I’ve started shooting more black and white, but have yet to settle on any particular film – although I took some really striking ones in a forest with some Ilford XP2, so that’s getting an early lead.

Regardless, though, the best accessory I’ve got (that gets used almost constantly) is my Weston lightmeter. It’s yet to let me down; I don’t know where I’d be without it.

My Gallery:

In my own words….

I moved to this town two years ago with a banjo on my back, a laptop under my arm, and the notion that when my three years was up, I’d be a writer of something – whether it be songs, novels or non-fiction. I had no idea that I’d get so hopelessly lost along the way! That said, I’m thankful I did. Despite my initial doubts and reservations, I’ve been sucked into a world of chemical processes and mechanical contraptions that are capable of producing things of great beauty. And yes, it can seem a bit overwhelming once you start getting past the “don’t think, just shoot” mentality, and start trying to get to grips with the technical side of things – but it’s wildly enriching and fascinating, and I’d have it no other way.

Ones to watch:

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  1. adamscott
    adamscott ·

    Stunning pictures!

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    Gorgeous gallery!!

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    Amazing images!

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