La Casa de los Dulces, Valencia

One of the oldest sweet shops in Valencia, La Casa de los Dulces offers a gamut of delightful sweets that will surely satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings. Feast on sweet rolls, marzipans, sweet cakes – basically anything that catches your fancy. Be careful though if you don’t have much self-control as you’re allowed to have a taste of everything.

Based on the edge of an old town that is close to the river Turia, you simply cannot miss this place. While those with a sweet tooth will be more than happy to go here, those who do not share the same craving for neon bright candies, can still have a good time – snapping pictures of the colorful displays with a Lomography camera.:)

La Casa de los Dulces was actually established ages ago. You can try all the sweets before buying and take note, the choices are plenty – from traditional to experimental. Aside from sweets, the shop also carries candy sets which come with bags and dolls so do be careful if you’re going to take your kids here! You might end up staying for hours! Even though they don’t serve tea or coffee it’s not really a problem- you can have Cortado at just about any street corner. During my visit, it was quite a busy day for the shop as there were lots of elderly people buying sweets.

According to Valencia’s history, its Moorish past (Moors took over almost the whole Iberian peninsula in 711 AD) was the inspiration for its traditional local sweets. These wonderful confections boast of a heavy dose of almonds, honey, and sugar – three ingredients that are popular among the Moorish community, and definitely make for the perfect treats for anyone with a sweet tooth.

So if you want to sink your teeth into traditional sweets that carry the local flavors of Valencia, La Casa de los Dulces is the prefect place to try some of them: Peladillas (dragée), Rollitos de Sachi (sweet rolls), Pastelitos de Boniato (sweet cakes), and Mazapanes (marzipan). Those are just my suggestions but of course, there are so many other types of sweets that you can try at this shop. Go ahead, indulge!

La Casa de Los Dulces
C/ Muro de Santa Ana, 4-6, 46003 Valencia, Spain
Store hours: Monday to Saturday from 8:30 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 21:00.

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