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What happens if we add a camera to a kite? Aerial Photography!

Did you know Aerial Photography is a technique followed by many people around the world? I discovered it recently, and searching through the net I reached the experimental photographer Peru Izeta, who performing aerial photography mounting his analog camera on a kite!

Peru Izeta performs his “unique insights” with things available to everyone, he doesn’t use big or high tech equipment, and he gets interesting results. In his photographs, you will see that the motion, the blur and even some light input are welcome. it sounds like Lomography to me, isn’t?

Peru works with disposable analog cameras and makes little changes on it, to allow the remote shooting.
Here is a sample of his pictures; I got it from their website. At the end of Article I leave the Link.

In the next picture you can see the little disposable camera he uses. It’s reloaded with 35mm film negative or slides, it has adapted a trolling motor, bought in a store models. The camera is set in the kite (not in the thread). Once the trolling motor is put in motion, it takes a photo every 30 seconds, without break.

I hope you try to do it, I’will ! Lomo on !

more info here and here

written by horaciorv on 2011-05-10 #lifestyle #analog #sky #aerial #kite #lomography #peru-izeta #lomo-on


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    Wow, where can one get a troll's motor? Do we have to cross a bridge with billygoats for that kind of shiz?

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    WOW that's awesome!

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