Orange, Red, Darker Red


I had a chance to shoot with the Lomography Redscale XR film, in 4 different occasions, and they all turned out quite differently…

I have to admit, I love redscale film, I use the Lomography Redscale, I do home made redscales (some success, some failure), so I had to try out the Lomography Redscale XR 50-200.

Actually, when I first loaded the film, I was out in Ortakoy and wanted to shoot some photos there, but after a couple shots, the LC-A started making weird sounds when I wind the film and I got in the car, covered myself up in my coat and opened the camera back, it felt normal, but once I closed the back, it got stuck again :( Later, it turned out that I shot about 10 photos in one frame…

But I didn’t want the roll to go to waste, so I went into the darkroom, took it out, rolled it in an empty canister and reloaded the rest back in.

This is the part that got stuck in the camera, it turned a dark orange, I wish I could have shot more that day:

Shot in a sunny Istanbul day, with 200 iso setting.

So I had about 25 frames left, or I assumed so after cutting a part off, and I shot a couple with me and hubby at a dinner…

Me & My Hubby

I wasn’t finished with the roll, so I took it out on a trip to the Spice Bazaar, and tried it in there, turned out a bit dark since it is a closed, not well lit place, and I didn’t use the flash, but I kinda like the dark red it produced.

The Spice Bazaar, 400 iso setting with no flash

And the next night, we were out with some friends and of course I had the LC-A with me, since it’s light and small. I still had the redscale film inside and this time I shot with 1600 iso setting, but also used the colosplash flash, these are also more orange than red, but it still has that redscale feel that I like..

A night out with Italians

So I ended up shooting at 4 different places/settings and so far, my favorite results were the Ortakoy ones, where I shot outside, in a sunny day…

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    Nice. Thanks for that review.

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