Woods Never Looked Greener


When I first saw the new Rollei films, I had to get my hands on them, and when I went to the woods last week, I gave the Crossbird a shot, the forest never looked greener before…

A double with the Crossbird, set at 400iso

When I first saw the new Rollei films, I had to get my hands on them, so with my last order, I bought one from each. The Nightbird was not my cup of tea, I couldn’t wait to shoot at night, and pretty much ruined the film. Red bird is still waiting to be used, but the Crossbird, well that is what I’m here to talk about…

Last sunday, I was really bored and I wanted to go some place new, and we had this “101 Things to do in Istanbul Before You Die” book, so I looked at a few ideas and we decided to go to the Belgrad Forest in Sariyer. I packed my LC-A, a couple films and I knew I had to take the Crossbird with me too! And that was the best idea :)

I finished the entire roll, got it developed and scanned within 2 days, I was excited to see the results, and once I scanned it, I was amazed by the bright green color it produced! I was lucky enough to use it in a sunny day, but still, I wasn’t expecting such vibrant colors! The leaves were turning brown, since we are entering winter, but the film shows no sign of that!

It was a shame I only got one roll, because I just want to shoot more with this film, and besides, since it says “Develop with C-41” on the side, I don’t have to argue with the neighborhood lab to get it developed!
So, here are the results…

Some forest scenes shot with the LC-A+

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  1. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    Fun film.

  2. sarasvati
    sarasvati ·

    Beautiful pictures! The film really captured great colors.

  3. jaguarwomon
    jaguarwomon ·

    I must try this film!!

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