Semak Daun


One of 105 islands in the Thousand Island regency of Jakarta, Semak Daun is a small island that is perfect for quick escapes whenever you get sick of all the craziness in the city. In spite of its small size, there are actually a lot of things to do, enjoy – and take lovely analogue photographs of.

Semak Daun is a small island in the Thousand Island regency of Jakarta. It’s so small, you can circle around it by foot in half an hour. It’s also so small that no one lives there. The island is surrounded by clear waters (with tropical fishes) and white sands. You can get there in just two hours from the big city of Jakarta.

To get to Semak Daun you need to take a boat from Muara Angke in the north of Jakarta to the biggest island in Thousand Island, Pramuka Island. From Pramuka, you need to rent a smaller boat to get to Semak Daun – don’t forget to ask the owner to pick you up after! Of course, you can also make a deal with the owner to take you to snorkeling spots or to other islands. No worries as it would not cost more than a Supersampler. With zero population, the only place to sleep on is the sand and the only roof that you will have is the blue sky and starry night. So bring a tent, food, cookware, and clean water as well.

I went there with my fellow lomographer, fanny and three of his friends. We had fun just by making a tent by the beach, eating, sleeping, and swimming whenever we wanted, maybe you will too.

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  1. bovine
    bovine ·

    Looks like fun, it's very beautiful. I've always wanted to visit an island. :D

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