Burnt Photos? Give a Personal and Funny Touch to Them.


Have your photos come out overexposed? Go ahead with your artistic soul!

I have just yesterday tried my LC-A instant back. I meant to give them a touch of colour with the colorsplash flash and for not being burnt I changed the iso setting of my LC-A, but it seems not enough…

After shooting a pair of photos and waiting, no faces will appear. After the third one I caught it and they turned out better exposed with and without the flash.

When I started to store the photos, an idea came to my mind! What if… that’s it! I took the first pen I found in the desktop and I decided to draw the faces. For the time being only eyes, nose and mouth have been included; but I have now more idea for the next to come.

You already know: before discarding a burnt photo, free you imagination!

written by fafascinado on 2011-04-30 #gear #tutorials #art #faces #tipster #drawing #pen #instant-back #burnt #quick-tipster #quickie-tipster
translated by nacarilegea


  1. orangeuke
    orangeuke ·

    You should try etching the negatives with an wxacto knife or something like that

  2. timesvelocity
    timesvelocity ·

    the second one is extra cutee [=

  3. fafascinado
    fafascinado ·

    thanks!! :D

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