San Antonio meets Agfa APX BW on Lisboa, Perfect Match!

This was the first time I used bw film on the LCA, still impressed by the results!
What to expect from this film: fine grain, high contrast

Credits: nacarilegea

A Portuguese college student told me about “Festa de San Antonio”, it’s a happening in which everybody is around the streets, eating, dancing, drinking… Living! I could not miss it, thus I started thinking in the best film to be loaded. It was ages since I wanted to try black and white, so I bought a roll of Agfa APX , 100 asa.

As it is a low speed film, the grain is really fine, so if you prefer sharp images to grainy ones it is a good option!

Credits: nacarilegea

This film has as well an actual high contrast, I do love the portraits and the depth of the different shadows. All the grey range comes up in an amazing way:

Credits: nacarilegea

Hey, wait… I was there for feeling the vibe, the atmosphere. I do believe in colour it could not have been better:

OMG! …. those roasted sardines everywhere, the fishy smoke …

The truth is I am not able to find any cons to it, let’s give it a try!

Credits: nacarilegea

For further technical details, you may go here and here

written by nacarilegea on 2010-11-20 #gear #event #bw #35mm #agfa #review #apx #lisboa #agfa-apx

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