Nine Times Fun


This lillte golden Baby was my first lomographic camera and it really changed the way i look at things and it also changed my life….cause i got heavily addicted!

I got it as a present from a friend with two rolls of film and the advice to use 400 iso film. Before I have just taken fotos as a kid with some autofocus yashica camera. And my digital camera was hardly even used. But the this baby changed everything.

It has nine lenses to capture a picture, so you get nine Times fun on one photo. F 11 at 1/100 second and a range from 0.8m to Infinity and needs to be feeded with 35mm film (Color Negative, Slide, B/W). Just point and shoot! It also has a built in flash, and that makes it a great camera to take at parties, and its really small and light. I often just put it in the pocket of my pants. And with this golden machine you get more attention than you like! Everybody wants to see and touch it. And of course take a picture. So go and get one!!

You can also easily modify it! Just take some tape and make some patterns, tape the four lenses in the corners. Then shoot a roll of film, rewind it, remove the tape and put it one the other lenses that weren’t covered before and shoot again! Or redscale the film before you shoot the second layer! Or just do some doubles with any other camera you have! shoot rewind and load again!

This Baby is really cheap and ideal gift for people who want to start with Lomography!

And just some words to LSI: Please, Please built a Pop 9.2, with Bulb mode and the possibility to take do multiple exposure! You would make me happy!!

written by pulex on 2010-11-14 #gear #plastic #multilens #review #toy #trash #nine #modification #pop-9 #pulex

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