The Beatles Songbook Doubles


The Beatles is definitely a constant source of inspiration. Here’s a doubles series I did which was inspired from a songbook I have of the group.

The Beatles – THE band of the 20th ceintury. They are a source of inspiration. There is this wonderful illustrated songbook I have. Listening to some of their songs again I got inspired and took the book. What illustrations caught my eye? What lyrics?

I grabbed my SLR and shot a first layer. Somehow I managed to interrupt the auto rewinding of the film so I could insert it again and shot the second layer. I did the same with a second roll of AGFA Vista 200, but this time more to the theme “Waiting” as I am joining the project The Art Of Waiting by Dirk Lancer

Actually the plan was to send him one film for the project. But what did I do? I collected all films out of my fridge and sent them off. As the SLR reads the DX code and two layers mean over esposure I let the lab pull the films one stop.

Still I really like the results.

written by mephisto19 on 2011-03-09 #lifestyle #beatles-songbook-slr-double-exposure-mephisto19


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  1. jaalvarez
    jaalvarez ·

    Great idea !!
    Great results !!

  2. azizaazul
    azizaazul ·

    I remember going through this book when I was little, because my Dad is a massive Beatles. It's an amazing book and definitely a source of inspiration. Well done on your efforts and thanks for sharing.

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