Agfa APX 100: The Silver Surfing Film


I remember browsing photos on our favorite website, and stumbled upon black and white photos that were somehow different from what I used to perceive in monochrome photos. Looking closer, I saw a tag that drew my attention even further. Silvershade aka Silvertone, a characteristic also found in the Agfa APX 100.

So here I am, looking around the internet for some more indications concerning these films. After some quick research i came to the conclusion that these two films are often compared as quite similar. Convinced, I ordered 5 rolls of this Agfa APX 100, and loaded one in my Nikon FM upon arrival of the package.

I basically shot the entire roll the same day, in and out. If I recall well on a partially sunny day. When I got the roll back from the lab, I was so pleasantly surprised with that silver shade that you can easily see in the sky in most of the shots. Just as if the silvertone appears on a specific specter of light.

Now, just like any other 100iso black and white film, this film is hard to grain and give splendid results. I haven’t tried this film in my LCA yet, but I do believe that the silvershade contrast should be enhanced by the LCA lens.

If the Silver Surfer would be into photography, he would definitely use this awesome film !

Thanks for reading, and needless to say but the pictures speak for themselves !

written by mikahsupageek on 2010-11-17 #gear #review #black-white-silvertone-silvershade-100-35mm

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  1. -walsh-
    -walsh- ·

    looks a great film, will have to get some myself!

  2. niko_fuzzy
    niko_fuzzy ·

    if you peeps cant get rollei retro, you can get APX as alternative. :)

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