Zugspitze: A View from the Top


A spontaneous trip to the top of Germany. It took us awhile to get there but with enough effort, we were finally able to see the spectacular view from the top. Zugspitze, the highest mountain in the country truly is a worthwhile place to visit whether you’re into the outdoors or not.

One sunny day, we got up really early to catch a train to Munich and put the cheap tickets that we scored to good use. From there, we easily got on another train, this time to Garmisch Partenkirchen, before getting on the Zugspizbahn. This took us to our ultimate destination in about an hour.

After all that traveling, we finally got to Schneeferner Gletscher. Here you can choose to have a break – maybe have lunch, or continue on with your journey to the top of Germany through rope railway. If the weather permits you will get to enjoy spectacular views of Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany from that vantage point. Doesn’t the thought of that just puts you in the mood to carry on with the rope railway?

Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany; it is 2962 meters above sea level and is also located directly at the border between Germany and Austria. So if you want to sample some Austrian specialties, it will only take you a few steps to get to Austria from Zugspitze.

The view from the top is of course, gorgeous; making all that traveling so worth it. However, I do advise you to not only reserve a day for this trip but to also bring some extra money, given that the rope railway etc. aren’t that common, fares and other fees can be a bit more expensive.

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Great place! :)

  2. blowpufferfish
    blowpufferfish ·

    Great place, but I could only recall my camera dropped from the cable tram down to the valley ...

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