A Place to Relax in the Bustling City: Hong Kong

When you hear the name Hong Kong, what is the first image that comes to your mind? A shopping paradise? Local food? Or maybe you don’t even know anything about HK? Actually, apart from being an important financial center and shopping destination in Asia, Hong Kong has more surprises up its sleeve.

Given the tall buildings and other modern attractions that can be found in Hong Kong, there is actually a country park right next to my home which is a 30-minute walk uphill, but I’ve also discovered this reservoir which I love a lot more. Maybe it’s because I find it amusing that the Shing Mun Reservoir is situated in Tsuen Wan, a busy business area. Unlike other foreign countries, it’s only in Hong Kong where you will be able to find a country park right next to your home or even in downtown areas.

I think the reservoir is not in use anymore, because we mainly import water from China, so its main purpose now is to accommodate people with licenses to fish. You can choose to walk along the reservoir or on the cement road, either way would take about 3 hours. There is also a butterfly lane, honestly, I hate insects, but that day I saw the most beautiful butterfly ever, it had a lovely light blue color. Don’t you think it’s a good idea to come here for a walk? You can just walk here for 3 hours and relax before returning to the city to have your afternoon tea and do some shopping. :)

A word of caution though, be careful of the monkeys! I didn’t know this at first, but one time, my friend and I went hiking at the reservoir and we had a backpack, and a plastic bag in the side pocket. Suddenly, a group of monkeys appeared next to us and made some noise then they started to follow us. I was so scared that I just ran, ran, and ran. That was really the first time that I had ran so quickly and for so long. I almost ran for 600m UPHILL. I couldn’t see my friend behind me so I just yelled and asked if she was okay. The monkeys left when my friend threw that plastic bag away and found that there was nothing inside. If I were the one with the backpack, I would definitely, 100%, throw the bag away. We almost got attacked by monkeys just for a plastic bag?! This story would remind you to never ever let monkeys see your plastic bags.

However, as we walked along, we saw a queue of monkeys walking towards the main dam. At that moment, they actually looked quite stupid and cute. Too bad I was too far away from the monkeys this time, there were only a few of them but I was still too afraid to go near them.

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