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在為你的朋友們選購禮品時,會否經常發現選擇太多、時間卻不夠?我們當然很明白你茫無頭緒的心情;那麼,為何不送他們 Gift Voucher 優惠卷 呢?

Holiday shopping … so many choices, so little time. We’ve heard that line before, buddy. And if you’re not quite sure what gift to get for your friends, then let them choose instead! Here’s a tip: Lomography Gift Vouchers !

What are Lomography Gift Vouchers?

Lomography Gift Voucher 優惠卷 能成為你送禮最佳選擇的原因,是收到的朋友能以優惠卷作現金使用,於 網上商店 盡情搜購各類的貨品!貨品種類從 analogue 相機、膠卷、配件、書籍、服飾產品 等等。也不用擔心使用期限,因優惠期為整整 1 年呢。

Lomography Gift Vouchers make great gifts because your recipients can freely pick their desired Lomography item from our Shop! With our vast lineup of fun and fantastic analogue products – cameras, films, accessories, books, and fashion items – we’re sure you’ll appreciate a little more browsing time. No need to worry as these vouchers are valid for one whole year!

How Do These Vouchers Work?

Lomography Gift Voucher 優惠卷 現已於 網上商店 有售。
The Lomography Gift Vouchers are available in our Online Shop.

1. 可選購價值由 HK$ 80 – 1500 / USD 10 – 200 的優惠卷
Just choose an amount between USD 10 – 200 / HK$ 80 – 1500

2. 成功完成交易,我們會以電郵送上你的優惠卷
We will send you a Voucher Code via e-mail.

3. 你可自行使用,或是將它轉贈給朋友
You can opt to mail the vouchers to yourself, or forward them to your friends.

4. 你也可同時享用其他優惠內容、或加上 Piggies,但 Piggies 不能用作購買
Gift Voucher 優惠卷
You can use the vouchers with Piggy Points and other offers to purchase your
chosen item, but Piggy Points cannot be used as payment for gift vouchers.

購買 Gift Voucher 優惠卷
Buy the Lomography Gift Voucher!

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Take your pick!

以下眾多的 lomgoraphy 精品,想必也是送禮絕佳的選擇啊。
To help you with your choices, here’s a sampling of our freshest items:

Lomography Sprocket Rocket
Lomography Spinner 360º
Diana Mini Petite Noire

Diana Deluxe Kit
Lomo LC-A+ RL
Panorama Craziness Bundle

Spinner 360° & Digitaliza 35mm Bundle
LC-A+ Instant Back+ Kit
Diana Mini with Flash Package

Plastic Fantastic Standard
Fisheye No.2 Rip Curl Edition

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