Self-portraits with the Diana


The cable release for the Diana camera is very handy for long exposures, but it is very limiting if you want to produce some self portraits or if you have complicated lighting and need some distance from the camera. Here is a DIY tip for a longer cable release. All you need is string.

1. So pull out your beloved plastic Diana and bring in the long ball of string (I suggest a ball of string and not one that is pre-cut to a certain length).

2. With the loose end of the string, loop it through the strap holder.

3. Then tie it to the shutter release (don’t do a dead-knot as you may not want this to be a permanent fixture of your camera)

4. Without any film in the camera or with the lens cap still on, give a little tug on the ball of string (which should still be attached to the string you have tied to the shutter. Watch to see it all works. By keeping it attached to a long ball of string you can have the liberty to stand as far away as you want. Alternatively you can just cut it about 4 metres long and that will be your maximum.

5. Then attach your camera to a tripod or use gaffer tape and tape it one something like your bike(!) and off you go!

Tip: Due to the point of this exercise is to have long exposures, I suggest you stabilise your tripod by putting sandbags or something heavy on the legs because you may notice that when you pull on the string (especially from longer distances) the tripod may also be pulled forward and this puts your plastic beauty at risk!

written by sundaricarmody on 2010-04-29 #gear #tutorials #diy #cable-release #camera #tipster #self-portrait #diana #diana-f #camera-modification

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  1. basho
    basho ·

    Nice tip, but I'd like to see some pictures of the device...

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