Ilford Delta


A professional film perfect for very unprofessional cameras.

I was first introduced to Ilford Delta Pro at the Lomography Gallery Store in NYC. They were currently out of the Kodak black and white film that I was looking for so they suggested I try Ilford Delta Professional 100. Whenever I first try a new 120 film, I like to load into a professional camera, shoot a few frames, then rewind the film, load it into toy camera like a Holga or Diana, and shoot some more frames.

I first loaded it into my TLR because I thought I should try a “professional” film in a “professional” camera. I shot a few pictures around my hometown then took it back to my lab and rewound the film. For the other half of the roll, I loaded into my Holga and shot the rest of the roll in Portsmouth New Hampshire as I went to go see the silent film Metropolis.

The next day I took out my developer, gave it a quick sniff, and then got to developing. When I finally finished washing and took it out to squeegee it down, I could see a very distinct change half way through the roll where I switched cameras. It was the first time I had developed a roll of film that I switched the cameras half way through and even in the negative form, it was easy to tell that they were distinctly different.

After I scanned them I could see a huge difference in the photos. When shot with a nice, professional lens, the photos have little contrast with great midtones, but the blacks and whites are not that impressive. It’s a good film for portraits at times, but in a professional camera, it does not produce very impacting images.

However, when loaded into a lo-fi camera like a Holga or Diana, the film becomes a masterpiece. The blacks are as dark and deep as the bottom of the ocean and the whites are brighter than the sun. The contrast is excellent producing powerful moving photos.

So although the film is proudly labeled “Ilford Delta Professional 100”, I would suggest using this film in the least “professional” of cameras for strong, impacting images photos.

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  1. pushkar
    pushkar ·

    ilford Delta 400 is my favorite film of all times :D

  2. sarahboat
    sarahboat ·

    Nice article! I have to get my hands on this film : )

  3. disdis
    disdis ·

    great gallery!

  4. michell
    michell ·

    Nice one! I'm currently shooting FP4+... ;)

  5. dyluzo
    dyluzo ·

    Nice definitely a Lo-Fi film .I wish I would be breve enough to process film my self .I use B&W film that can be processed with C-41 because no lab around here does real B&W.

  6. duggy
    duggy ·

    wow huge those deep blacks

  7. rochellers
    rochellers ·

    Great pics! Ilford has become my favorite b&w film -- I usually use Delta 400 or HP5 (a little grainier - which I like).

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